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  • Powerful long range continuous zoom thermal cameras for OEM integration and long range security and surveillance applications
  • Long range observation and detection
  • One uncooled camera configuration (DE225) and four cooled configurations available (DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700) with their names based on their lens size
  • AutoFocus on Demand for crisp, clear imaging
  • Withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity, dust, heat, and cold

All VP190-DE ship as a fully integrated system with camera, lens, and enclosure. A mating connector and backshell is also provided for camera I/O connections. If required, an integrational cable can be ordered separately.

Model Thermal Engine Lens Part Number (30Hz) Part Number (9Hz)
DE225 UnCooled 17µ 640 x 480 Continuous Zoom 25-225mm VP190-DE225Z17V-0A020 VP190-DE225Z17V-0A029
DE275 Cooled 15µ 640 x 512 Continuous Zoom 19-275mm VP190-DE275Z15V-0A020 N/A
DE300 Cooled 15µ 640 x 512 Continuous Zoom 15-300mm VP190-DE300Z15V-0A020 N/A
DE420 Cooled 15µ 640 x 512 Continuous Zoom 21-420mm VP190-DE420Z15V-0A020 N/A
DE700 Cooled 15µ 640 x 512 Continuous Zoom 48.5-700mm VP190-DE700Z15V-0A020 N/A
Infinova Accessories
Camera Compatibility Accessory Part #
VP190 Uncooled (DE225) Integration cable (3m length) GLJH0200A
115/230vac to 12VDC Outdoor Rated power supply (IP65) 880990LF
115/230vac to 12VDC Indoor Rated power supply 5U7A0020A
VP190 Cooled(DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700) Integration cable (3m length) 8L9H0190A
115/230VAC to 24VDC 5A Outdoor Rated UL power supply (IP65) 880575LF
Technical Specifications
DE225, DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700
Thermal Camera
Core Type DE225: Uncooled
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: Cooled
Resolution DE225: 640 x 480
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700:640 x 512
Pixel Pitch DE225:17μ
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: 15μ
Spectral Band DE225: 7.5-14μ
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: 3-5μ
Lens (Horizontal FOV)
DE225: 25–225mm (24.5°-2.77°)
DE275: 19-275mm (29.8°-2.0°)

DE300: 15-300mm (35.1°-1.8°)

DE420: 21-420mm (25.1°-1.3°)

DE700: 48.5-700mm (11.9°-0.8°)
Video Format
30Hz or 9Hz option (easy export)
Composite video (PAL/NTSC)
TCP/IP H264 video streaming (optional)

DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700:
Composite video (PAL/NTSC)
Camera link
TCP/IP H264 video streaming (optional)
Operating Temperature DE225: -40°C to + 60°C

DE275/DE300: -40°C to + 60°C (-40°F to + 140°F)

DE420: -20°C to + 60°C (-4°F to + 140°F)

DE700: -40°C to + 60°C (-40°F to + 140°F)
Storage Temperature DE225: -40°C to + 71°C
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: -40°C to + 71°C (-40°F to + 160°F)
Humidity DE225: +40°C, 93% RH
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: +40°C, 93% RH
Infinova Protocol and SDK DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: Yes
Weight & Dimensions
Weight DE225: 10kg (22lbs)
DE275: 6.7kg (14.8lb); DE300: 7.2kg (15.9lb);

DE420: 8.0kg (17.6lb); DE700: 8.5kg (18.7lb).
Dimensions DE225: 400mm (L) x 250mm (H) x 235mm (W)
DE275/DE300: 340mm x 202mm x 205mm;
DE420: 384mm x 202mm x 205mm;

DE700: 420mm x 202mm x 205mm.
Protection Rating
Power Requirements
Power Supply DE225: 12-32VDC
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: 18-32VDC
Power Consumption DE225: 30w Typical; 130w Max
DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700: 24 Watt, Max. 80 Watt during heater operaton.
DE225: Control connections

RS-422/RS485 4 wires

DE275, DE300, DE420, DE700:Control connections


RS-422/RS485 4 wires

Control Protocols (TCP/IP Optional)
Standards and Certification